• August 8, 2022


The Originating Suit:
The aforementioned case was instituted by Anani Anacletus based on two main reasons: 1. Inability of YPP to conduct primary election before fielding IFEANYI UBAH in the 2019 senatorial election for Anambra south senatorial district, and 2. Submission of fake NECO statement of result by IFEANYI UBAH for the the purpose of the said election.
It is public knowledge that IFEANYI UBAH was in APGA till 6th October 2019. He even purchased APGA nomination form for the primary election for Anambra south senatorial seat of which he lost to MR NICHOLAS UKACHUKWU. It is the law that you cannot participate in two primary elections in two different parties for the same election at the same time. It is also the fact that IFEANYI UBAH submitted two different NECO documents, as evidenced by the serial numbers’ difference in the recent after thought result he PROCURED.
For these reasons, FCT High court under Honorable Justice Kawu upheld that the suit has merit and that IFEANYI UBAH and YPP erred in law for not following the party guidelines in fielding IFEANYI UBAH for 2019 senatorial election.

IFEANYI UBAH petitioned the Honourable Chief Judge of FCT High court, who acknowledged that he was the one that assigned the suit, and equally reassign the motion to set aside filed by IFEANYI UBAH to the same Justice Kawu court. For this, the case was heard a second time and the judgement was entered in favor of Anani Anacletus and Dr OBINNA UZOH as consequence.

At Court Of Appeals:
IFEANYI UBAH filed application at Court Of Appeal Abuja division for setting aside of the judgement of the FCT High court. Their evil machinations started when they invaded the Justice Kawu court with the help of the Chief Registrar of FCT High court. This prompted the Judge to petition the Chief Judge of FCT, and clearly stated that he cannot guarantee the content of the case file from that moment henceforth. There is nothing that cannot happen in Nigeria. From that particular court invasion moment, this well coordinated, and meticulous deconstruction of the suit commenced. The first result was setting aside of the FCT High court judgement by the court of appeal on account of jurisdiction and non-signing of the Originating summon. I can tell you that there is a relationship between the invasion of the FCT High court and the current series of events. If not, how come the sudden adulteration of documents in the case file? How come the Chief Judge of FCT High court selective investigation of the case file, even when the judge that handled the case wrote a petition about invasion of his court and forceful movement of the case file? The rest, they say, is history!


For clarity, the committee decision of the FCT panel investigating the petition of IFEANYI UBAH is still at the committee level. Not yet implemented, but for sensationalism of IFEANYI UBAH. I can tell you that no one has lost his job and that the report was filed with bias and prejudices. How come the committee only invited and heard from one side. There was no time Anani Anacletus and Dr OBINNA UZOH were invited, being part of the case. Also the petition by the trial court judge was not mentioned not to talk of treated. This is only a confirmation of a well orchestrated evil plot to distort the facts and confuse members of the public

Mr Uzo writes from Abuja!

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