Emeka Etiaba, SAN


To make Anambra State great again.


Anambra State is a blessed State. Its citizens are most remarkably successful and reference is often made to the Ojukwus, Azikiwes, Ekwuemes, Okadigbos, Okigbos, Mbazulike Amechis, Mbanefos, Ikpeazus, Ben Nwabuezes, Asikas, Ugochukwus (Abilikete of Umunze) who have made ground breaking contributions to Nigeria and have uplifted the Igbo nation.

Anambra State has a population of 4.2 million people and land mass of 4.887sq km (second smallest after Lagos State) but has the second highest population density. It is sandwiched between other States in Igbo land. It shares borders with the South South and Middle belt regions. The State is therefore veritably positioned, hence a need to harness the God given potentials.

Anambra State is imbued with a lot of opportunities in agriculture, natural resources, human resource, industry, education, business to mention but a few. The State also has many issues to grapple with including insecurity (of late), infrastructural, deficit, power, low internally generated revenue (IGR), water, light, communal squabbles, lack of direction for the youth etc.

Many Aspirants have come out to indicate interest in the governorship election in our great Party (P.D.P) and other Parties. Some have come out with their visions and manifestos while others are articulating theirs. Friends and enemies of the State are all positioning themselves to take control of the State. There is therefore a need to exercise caution in the choice of who leads the State at this time. A mistake will be too costly as the effect will be devasting and long lasting.

The truth is that no matter how wonderful these aspirants’ visions and manifestos are, they are as good as the aspirants presenting them. I dare say that the quality of the aspirant is more important than the vision and manifesto presented. The situation in Anambra State today calls for a strong, brave, resilient, humble and focused visionary leader who will harness the potentials of the State while solving the myriad of problems bedeviling the State.

Join hands with me to make Anambra State great again. Emeka Etiaba SAN is the Man, P.D.P is the Party.

Emeka Etiaba SAN Remains The Aspirant Most Prepared To Fly The Peoples Democratic Party Flag In The November 6, 2021 Anambra State Governorship Election (Part One)

  1. I have been around Anambra State political terrain and have fully participated in all the governorship elections since 2003. In 2003, I alongside His Excellency, Mr Peter Obi and Dame Virgy Etiaba, shook the Anambra State political landscape and that resulted in the dominance of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) at the governorship level since 2006. (When the mandates of the aforementioned were restored by the Courts).
  2. Since 2003, I have consistently campaigned in the 326 political wards in the State and that comes with name recognition, political contacts and affiliations. These engender acceptability by Ndi Anambra and is a major plus for my candidacy.
  3. I am the only Aspirant that has had an insider knowledge in the workings of the governorship in the State. During the period Dame Virgy Etiaba held forth (and strongly too), I was there to see that Anambra State government remained focused and working. All do attest that the period Dame Virgy Etiaba held forth in the State was one of the best times in the State. Ndi Anambra rewarded her with the name Mama Anambra. I have campaigned and met the statutory delegates of the Party (as record bears it today) and I now know that Mama Anambra lives in the hearts of Ndi Anambra. Again, this fact gives me an advantage over other candidates when I finally go for the main election as P.D.P candidate.
  4. I am a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (an active one) and I know that my colleagues who have aspired for political offices and vied elections settle for the governorship and they have not failed rather they have made success of it. (Please refer to Raji Fashola SAN and presently Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu SAN). Senior Advocates of Nigeria succeed in governorship because they believe in Rule of law, fairness and equity. They employ the hardwork that made them successful in their practices in the administration of their States amongst others. Being a Senior Advocate of Nigeria will ensure victory if the contest ends up in Court as I have lived all my work life in the Courts.
  5. I am a born leader and I have the following qualities amongst others:
  6. Integrity as testified to by those who know me.
  7. I am not boastful. I ascribe all I am to God.
  8. I am honest.
  9. I am innovative. My Legal Practice and other endeavours testify to it.
  10. I am a good listener. (I listen to all because I know that if God can speak through a donkey, God can speak to me through anybody. I have also experienced it).
  11. I am self confident (This is what a few mistake for pride).
  12. I am a strong communicator. (It comes with my line of duty being a successful Senior Advocate of Nigeria).
  13. I am a strong visionary (My practice, activities and friends speak to this fact).
  14. I believe in delegation of duties. I am a team player and do not know it all I put square pegs in square holes and round pegs in round holes.
  15. I do not look down on people but believe that everybody has the capacity to excel if given a chance. Some people have not done well in life not because they are incapable of doing well but like the Bible says, time and chance may not have favoured them.
  16. I am bold and brave. I never hesitate to take decisions and actions as the needs arise. I am decisive on issues.

I will elaborate more on Emeka Etiaba SAN’s leadership qualities in due course.

  • I am amiable and a good mixer. I am never lost in a crowd.
  • I am highly principled and focused. As a governor, I cannot be distracted.
  • I know the potentials of the State and the issues thereof and I have a good temperament to deal with them.
  • I am content. I am happy with my attainments in life and do not engage in imaginary competition or battle with people.
  • I have no enemies to fight in Anambra State as the governor.
  • I am friendly with all the other P.D.P Aspirants in this race and I have no personal scores to settle with any of them. I have always called them to notify them that I will be visiting the delegates in their local government areas as I toured the State.
  • I believe in the supremacy of the Party and I have worked along that line as a member of the Party. I have often referred our Party members to Article 51 (1) (4) of the Party which stipulates that 5% of my salary will go to the Party and I have subscribed to fully live up to it. 
  • I am from Nnewi, Nnewi North Local Government Area, Anambra South of Anambra State. The current state of affairs and sentiment afford me an opportunity to present myself for the election.
  • I am humane. I have been actively engaged in social works since 1990. I lead a group called Social Action and we have testimonies following our activities.
  • I am above all, a practising Christian. I have the fear of God in me.

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