Leaked letter: Abuja based doctor demands for electronic voting in NMA elections

By O’star Eze

An Abuja based doctor, Dr Obiatuegwu Kenenna has written the National body of the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) appealing that it adopts electronic voting system in its elections. This he said would ensure all the 76000 financial members of the NMA play active role in the election of their national leaders.

He threatened litigation if his request which he insisted was provided for by the group’s Constitution and that of Nigeria, was not adhered to.

The full text of the letter as leaked to orienttabloid.com read thus:


                   December 17, 2019.

The National Executive Council
Nigeria Medical Association
The President
Secretary General
Nigerian Medical Association
8 Benghazi Street, Off Addis Ababa Crescent
Wuse Zone 4
Compliments of the seasons and congratulations on the successful hosting of National Executive Council Meeting in Kano State, Nigeria.
I humbly wish to appeal for myself and by extension other medical practioners that pay annual dues to our professional body to be granted an exclusive franchise in the forth coming election of the National Officers of our noble association. I do this with every sense of responsibility in order to correct the impression that a secret political clique, intrigue, group of people united in some close design or faction are determined to suppress other bonafide medical practioners in Nigeria to “vote” or “be voted for” thereby promoting disunity, injustice while propagating their private views, interest, ideology that remain obsolete and alien in this modern dispensation of technology.
I am a Nigerian by birth and hail from Anambra state. I am a bonafide member of the Nigerian Medical Association currently serving in several commitees both at national and state levels. I am above 18 years of age and I have West African Examination Council (WAEC) certificate, National Examination Council (NECO) certificate, MBBS certificate, NYSC certificate, WACS certificate. I also pay my annual praticing license dues without default and free from any incapacity to vote under any law in Nigeria.
Respectfully Sirs, I am constrained to write the NEC on this injustice to medical practioners in Nigeria including myself. This has given the insuination in some quarters that all animals are not equal despite being subjected to same criteria and financial obligations. It is a grave injustice that only 36 members are allowed to vote for the registered 72,000 doctors in Nigeria. This amounts to less than 0.05% deciding the fate of more than 99.95%.
In all fairness sirs, this professsional and social injustice amounts to discrimination, ageism, unjust and prejudicial perception which will only retard the growth of other members of our noble association and potray us as undemocratic and archaic. You will also recall that the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) which is a similar professional body for legal practioners in Nigeria has since discarded delegate voting system and embraced the electronic system in keeping the the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which is superior and guarantees the right of everyone to participate in the election of their leaders.

  1. That this letter be perceived as an appeal and a polite means of exploring the internal mechanism of conflict resolution as you always advice before resorting to litigation and other legal means including seeking redress in court to squash the outcome of any electoral process that will allow only 0.05% of members to decide the fate of 99.95% of medical practitioners under any NMA constitutional guise and disenfranchise myself and other medical practitioners in Nigeria who will voluntarily indicated interest to vote. The said NMA constitution is alien to me and it is at variant with the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which is superior to any constitution or by laws and upholds my right to vote for my leaders once I attain the age of 18.
  2. That our elections be upgraded to electronic forms to enable myself and by extension other members of our association vote in their respective abode using electronic means to aid or take care of casting and counting votes. By so doing, no member including myself will feel disenfranchised in any form.
  3. Alternatively, every state chapter can conduct their national elections and transmit the results to the national collation center which should be situated in Abuja.
  4. This will further foster national unity amongst medical practioners in Nigeria and enshrine democracy , fair play and rule of law in our association.
    While anticipating a swift action to my observations, kindly accept the assurance of my highest regards,

Obiatuegwu Kenenna O. MBBS, FWACS.
Member Nigeria Medical Association.Abuja, Nigeria.

Cc: NMA-FCT Chairman.

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