• August 8, 2022


One of the inherent problems of our current society is our high acumen to identify our problems but lacking the will and drive to find solution to it. This situation remains the setback that will take years for us to liberate our Constituency ( Oyi and Ayamelum ) from it and this is if we actually care about liberating ourselves.

In the wake of 2019 general elections, Oyi and Ayamelum constituents were positioned to decide the fate of our Constituency and her future, it was a moment of spring will, and lots of energy was invested to get it rght, unfortunately lots of politricks and sentiments came in, ranging from denominational forces and others.

Today, Oyi and Ayamelum cannot bodly stand side by side with her equals in most relevant areas, other than the sponsored stomach motivation going on the media space.

Away from that, we are all paying the price of that decision and the historic abortion called Restoration 2019. Sad enough the victims of this disaster still feel at ease with the rope on their necks with the rope master heading to the tree.

Cum 2023, I’m calling for political liberation crusade with a common goal of ‘Oyi and Ayamelum first’, we must not drift into another scheme of sentiment with disguise of ‘We’ when they are actually hunting for ‘their’.

Whereas major political parties have conducted their primaries, and we are all witnesses to the troubles emanating from the sham and the masturbation of fairness hence the tree was deeply hollowed before the wood cutter arrived.

Any reasonable society that wish to liberate itself must put aside sentiment and go for individuals that have the technical know how on how to strike development. Dr. Uzochukwu Obiora Chira have proven beyond mere media hyping that he can do it, haven done it before and still doing it.

The coast is clear, we can change the narrative together , it depend on all of us. And this is where Dr. Uzochukwu Obiora Chira factor comes in. Umu nne m, let’s support him for house of representatives, Oyi and Ayamelum Federal Constituency.




Awka, Nigeria

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