Alhaji Ahmed Bola Tinubu Betrayed God Almighty – Prophet Louis

We write this message to Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu concerning all
the prophecies and revelations towards the will of God for this country and the crucial role he has to play for God’s cause and His will for Nigeria. In spite of all the whole letters we wrote to him some of which was duly acknowledged he refused and or neglected to heed to God’s words and purpose for a better Nigeria. He went ahead to expose the prophecies to the enemies of God in Aso rock who are only after their own selfish and personal interests.It is very glaring to everyone’s naked eye now that they care not about the interest of the poor masses nor the citizens they are governing. Ahmed Tinubu remember that you are not greater than the king of Babylon who God Almighty disciplined for seven (7)years and in the end he proclaimed in Daniel 4 that he will honour the king of heaven whose works are the works of truth,and His ways justice and God’s ways are justice, He is able to put down those who walk in pride. The king of heaven rules in the kingdom men and gives it to whoever he chooses. Now you have betrayed God, you betrayed the Yoruba kingdom and you betrayed Nigeria because of your greed for money,power and fame and it’s happening all over the country now, be informed that those enemies of God who you exposed this messages, prophecies, revelations to will come after you shortly and they are now using the information against the south easterners who doesn’t know their God but it is written in Daniel 11:32″that those who know their God shall achieve great exploits “Furthermore, Bola Ahmed Tinubu remember that the man in Aso Rock is distinguished gentleman, a professor,a Senior Advocate of Nigeria and a pastor, he was on his own doing his own thing and you went and brought him out and put him under this crossfire be informed that it is written in Psalm 105 :15″Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm”Tinubu as a prophet to the nation I see you crying in tears for you will be betrayed as well, God said I should inform you that HE the I AM WHOM I AM in Exodus 14 that what he did to pharaoh over the Israelites of old He will do it again to all the pharaohs of this country. That His battle is destructive and in the end he will make a name for Himself The ELOHI will make a name for Himself The blessed Trinity of The Father, The Son the Holy spirit! .Prophet Louis Nwamulobi Jesus
Spiritual director
Light of God Healing Ministry Anambra Nigeria.

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