• August 8, 2022

More War?!

You can’t tell me nothing
I know not what life is like
Nibbling off other’s business
Cheap chirp chip
Chipping off logs of woods
From other’s eyes, Why?!!

You, Self (in pidgin)
Self that sees only self
In the mirror of me against the world
Of the givers and the receiver
The pedestrians and the jetter
The pews and the pulpit
The sheeple and the priest

Wisdoomed to whisk away wallets whilst whining we
Winning we what world was when we were not


I know what wonder lies in chanting down greed, malice, wars and the sub-human struggle for power
When shall we unsheathe our swords…
And melt them?
When shall we focus our energies on enhancement of this earth. Love more. Do more. Be more. No more war!!!

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